VPlogoVOSS Pets is a campaign to promote Vasectomies & Ovary Sparing Spays.

You as a pet owner have most likely done your research and found that Spaying and Neutering reduces life span  but do not wish to risk contributing to the burgeoning number of un-wanted pets currently clogging up rescue centres & being put-to-sleep for no good reason; let alone the risk of spreading FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) or Canine Transmissible Cancer (CTVT).

Vasectomies & Ovary Sparing Spays leave the hormones intact so that they can still perform their other functions, essential for your pets health.

logourlbylineIm a Puppy Mummy

VOSS Pets is run in association with I’m a Puppy Mummy & is sponsored by Healthful Dog.


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